Dogwatch No.1097


There has been an increase in the theft of horse medication and tack recently. The latest incidents occurred between the 22nd and 25th January when three stables were broken into one in Ermin Street and two in unnamed roads, one close to Ermin Street and the other one in Eastbury (West Berkshire). The locks were forced on the tack rooms and in one instance some horse medication was stolen.

Please can you pass this information on to any neighbouring farms/stables and remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons by calling the 24-hour non-emergency number on 101 or if a crime is in progress dial 999.
Below is some crime reduction advice:-

• Make sure all medicines are stored in a locked cabinet, preferably in a locked building
• Consider marking your packs of horse medication with a unique serial number and then registering it for free on the National Property Register at  Remember to report it if it is stolen!
Mark your tack- If you would like your tack marked please contact the Bucklebury and Downlands Neighbourhood Police Team by calling the Police Enquiry Centre on 101 or e-mail:
If your tack is marked with a unique serial number register it as above at
Tack a picture of your tack so that it can be easily identified if stolen.
Make sure the tack room is strongly constructed and the access door is strong and secured with a sturdy lock.
Consider storing your tack inside locked boxes or on saddle racks that have built in locks.
The yard should adopt a security code of practice, locking the door when not in use.
Make sure your yard does not attract unwanted visitors or thieves- try not to advertise your location with road signs or livery adverts.
If you have a drive leading to the stables consider installing a gate at the road end to deter casual callers. Make sure the gate can’t be lifted off it’s hinges. The bottom hinge should be reversed to secure the gate more.
Consider installing security lights and alarms.
Do not leave wheelbarrows in the yard that could be used to transport stolen goods