Dogwatch No.1087


Overnight between the 30th September and the 1st October offenders caused damaged to farmland in Bower Road, Aldworth by driving through a fence and hedgerow and then driving over crops.
Overnight between the 30th September and the 1st October offenders gained access to a field in Lawrences Lane, Thatcham,  by driving through a locked gate causing damage. Nine pheasants who were in a pen were then killed and cattle escaped from the field due to the damaged gate. Fortunately they have all been rounded up unharmed.


The horsebox reported stoeln in Alerts 1085 and 1086 has been found burnt out on the Ridgeway near Aldworth. However, the ‘box’ part of the lorry, where the horses go, had been removed prior to the lorry being destroyed. Please keep an eye out for the box, photographs are on Alert 1086.


There have been more thefts from eqyestrian properties.
During the evening of 26th September a burglary occurred at a farm on Crawley Road, Witney, Oxfordshire and a large quantity of tack has been stolen.Offenders have forced open a portacabin where the tack was stored. A full list of the items stolen is on our Facebook Page.

A burglary occurred at a farm in Hanwell, Banbury, Oxfordshire between 19:30 hours 26/09/15 and 08:00 hours 27/09/15 and tack has been stolen. Offenders reversed a vehicle into locked gates in order to gain entry to the land. They then opened unlocked doors to farm buildings and stole a lawn mower and a quantity of tack.


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ed the driver asked if Land Rovers on the site were for sale and that he was just ‘looking around’ . The VRN of the vehicle, a silver Citroen, is HK51F##.